100% of your donation funds tefillin.

We’re on a mission to give a pair of tefillin to any Jewish man that cannot afford one and commits to wrapping them every day for life. You can join us. No matter how much you give, every cent directly funds the creation and distribution of tefillin.

Our WOrk

Post 10/7 Tefillin Campaign.

We started this project after Hamas brutally took over 1,200 precious souls from us. We started out with a goal to distribute 1,200 pairs of tefillin in their memory. We met that goal within 3 months and are now on a mission to continue this holy work.

Tefillin Connections Impact to date

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All of our operational expenses are funded by private directed donations ensuring that 100% of your donations goes directly towards creating and distributing tefillin. But we don’t stop there.

We work directly with Battim & Ritzuos Makers, Sofrim, Magiim, and a network of Rabbis around the world to ensure the highest quality of kashrus while also ensuring the most affordable pricing. You can be confident that your donations not only go towards an amazing cause, but it is also utilized in the most efficient way possible.

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Together, we can ensure every Jewish man gets a pair of tefillin.

Join our community.

To date more than 3,000 people have made contributions to our campaign.

A $50 monthly gift will enable us to distribute one pair of tefillin in your merit, every single year.