Our Story

On 10/9, just two days after the horrific events of Simchas Torah, a Shliach in S. Lucia sent out a tweet offering 1 pair of tefillin to any man who will commit to wrapping it daily.

When JJ & Dan Eleff saw the tweet they upped the offer to 50 pairs and shared it on their website DansDeals. In the ensuing days, hundreds of men signed up, committing to wrap tefillin daily.

Realizing the need, Tefillin Connection was launched with an initial goal to distribute 1,200 pairs of tefillin to men who commit to wrap them daily in honor of the 1,200 souls Hamas brutally took from us.

Within the first 3 months of our formation, we distributed 1,700+ pairs of tefillin.

Now, we are working to continue this holy mission and get a pair of tefillin to any Jewish man who commits to wrapping them daily.

Meet Our Talented Team

Yonatan Azrielant: Co-Founder & Head of Operations Tefillin Connection

Yonatan Azrielant

Marketing executive, logistical expert, former Team Leader of the Airborne Special Forces in the IDF, Co-Founder & Head of Operations Tefillin Connection

Dan Eleff

DansDeals & Co-Founder Tefillin Connection

JJ Eleff

DansDeals & Co-Founder/Head of Fundraising Tefillin Connection

Rabbi Avromy Super

Chabad of S. Lucia & Co-Founder Tefillin Connection